Watch The Choir’s new lyric video for “The Time Has Come”

Announcing our new lyric video for The Time Has Come. Click the image to view.

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?The Time Has Come

Under charcoal sky, over clear water
A blue heron glides across the lake
We dive deep down to satisfy our hunger
Courageous creatures drown for true love?s sake

The time has come
To realize forgiveness
The time is now to forgive somebody else
We can?t undo the damage done
The day is new, here comes the sun
The time has come
To forgive your sorry self

A black cloud hovers over the horizon
I?m prayin? hard and watching feathers float
The Man of Sorrows dances on the ocean
I?m still too faint of heart to leave the boat

A song of mercy resonates inside you
Listen close, be still, live and learn
Red blood flows through your veins like healing rivers
Redemption every time the planet turns

Under charcoal sky, over clear water

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