Tim Chandler | 1960-2018

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our band mate and brother, Tim Chandler. His health had been declining recently and he passed peacefully of natural causes.
He was a treasured friend, a passionate lover, a brilliant artist, a wickedly funny man… and the badassedest bass player that ever lived. We, along with so many dear friends and loved ones are devastated.
– The Choir

Tim Chandler’s storytelling was surpased (barely) only by sharing the actual experiences with him. As the days have gone by since learning of our loss, I continue to have trouble wrapping my mind around it more and more. I went back to listen to this band commentary version of Mr. Chandler from our Burning Like The Midnight Sun album and was reminded of his wit, charm and unique character.
– dan michaels on behalf of The Choir

This is our tribute video for Tim https://youtu.be/pnbnxbiFSho


*I’m using a number of images of Tim that I found recently posted. If they are yours, feel free to comment and share a story. I hope you don’t mind that I grabbed them.
– Dan Michaels on behalf of The Choir

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