The Choir’s Bloodshot Commentary Album + 3 New Songs So Far!

Hello all you Bloodshot supporters! We have finished our band commentary for The Choir’s full Bloodshot album. Listen in to Derri, Steve and Dan talk about the music and other tid-bits while they are listening back to the album. You can either listen to it stream on YouTube by CLICKING HERE

Or download the entire mp3 file CLICK HERE



We’ve released 3 songs in the past several months. If you haven’t ?listened yet or lately, check ’em out at the links below. We’ll be ?releasing a new track on Steve Hindalong’s birthday which is on Friday 11/29 this month! We’re planing on doing a Facebook Live acoustic set to celebrate his birthday and catch up with all of you. Here’s where you can download and listen to our new songs…

“Mystical World”

“In The Air Tonight”

“Kathie’s Garden”


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