The Choir joins Patreon!

Dear friends of The Choir,
Thank you for following us ALL THESE YEARS! We hope you’ve acquired our recent project, “Deep Cuts.” How many albums have we released…16 or so? Thanks again for listening closely and taking our songs to heart.

So we’ve decided to venture into this PATREON endeavor. Instead of offering new music every couple of years or more, we want to make music most ALL the time and share the process with YOU, the true blue, faithful few! You’re way more than fans, you’ve become our friends.

Your kind support will truly help us to keep creative and productive on a more sustained basis.
We’ll send you recordings, demos and such… before anybody else. We’ll tell you “stories behind the songs.” Steve may recite some lyrics while walking in the woods. Dan may play the sax in his backyard while Spooky and Hot Cake howl. Derri might talk about his favorite records or offer painfully biased sports commentary. He’ll do (almost) anything to avoid becoming a greeter at Walmart! (We don’t suppose he’s qualified anyway).

From our hearts, though, we covet your interaction. It’s been a long, challenging season. But we’re still here… and YOU’RE still here. Thanks for hangin’ around!

Steve, Derri, Dan and Lisa (our handler)

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