The Choir House Of Blues Challenge

The Choir’s “House Of Blues” challenge! With a simple FB post, you can help compel us to record a special new song for you AND help a worthy charity.

Our San Diego show is at The House Of Blues on Friday April 28th. This is the first time The Choir has been invited to play at this iconic venue. If we can sell out this show it could open up opportunities for us to play at other HOB venues around the country and allow us to get to cities and states we?ve not been to in a very long time.

No matter where you are in the U.S. or around the world, we need your help getting the word out…quick!
If we sell this show out, The Choir (as Derri, Steve,Dan & Robin) will write and record a new song called ?The House Of Blues? for you! In addition, we will also make a donation for each ticket sale at this gig to the San Diego Rescue Mission. If you participate, you will get this song sent to you for free and also raise funds for the local rescue mission. We?ll record this new song sometime after this tour.
Here?s all you need to do…
1. Copy and paste this link: and use the hashtag #TheChoirHOBchallenge and tag @HOBSanDiego on your FB, Twitter or Instagram account. This hashtag will allow us to locate you so that we can send you the song when it is ready!
2. Suggested copy for a FB post: I want to help The Choir sell out their show at @HOBSanDiego on April 28th. If this happens, the band will write and record a new song called The House Of Blues and send it for free to anyone who uses the hashtag #TheChoirHOBchallenge. The Choir will also donate a portion of each ticket sold to the San Diego Rescue Mission. Tickets available here:
Please share and use the hashtag #TheChoirHOBchallenge

3. Want to get fancy? Search for a local media in San Diego such as a radio station, a local TV news show or program, an online newspaper or blog and tag them too.

4. If you wish, please also tag the San Diego Rescue Mission and give them some love too (FB @SanDiegoRescueMission)

Make sense? We hope so…let’s have some fun with this! This is very important to us and we thank you for your support.
The Choir


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