Shadow Weaver – Best of 2014 offered kind words and encouragement on our new album, Shadow Weaver.? One of the editors selected it for their Best Of 2014 (so far).
Through NoiseTrade, The Choir is offering a free download of select songs from Shadow Weaver along with songs from their catalog of independent releases.? Go to NoiseTrade to download Shadow Weaver EP+ Bonus Songs at:

This EP is a gateway drug to Shadow Weaver, the latest album by one of my all-time favorite bands and also brief retrospective of their storied career. Their music is a study in apparent contrasts: ethereal / gritty, whimsical / earnest, joy / sorrow , poetic / plainspoken, spiritual / human. If you don?t yet know The Choir and like rarefied alt pop, take this EP for a spin! I?ve been a fan for years and this release solidifies my fan status for years to come.
? Mark Nicholas/

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