The Choir is deeply grateful to the following individuals who support our musical endeavors and tours through our Patron Of The Arts Society.

DIAMOND "Circle Slide Society" Patron

Richard Glazier & Kerry McMullan, Dominique, Kieran & Nathaniel Glazier

Kirk, Kirstin, Jaice, Charis, Payton, & Braxton

Mark and Kimberly Uecker

PLATINUM "Shadow Weaver Society" Patron

Hotcake and Spooky

GOLD "Free Flying Soul Society" Patron

Steve James Benbow

SILVER "Chase The Kangaroo Society" Patron

Jared Norris

Michael Walker

Jesse and Valarie Long

BRONZE "Bloodshot Society" Patron

Mike & Christal Beidler
Tony Colter
The Turkeys at the Genuine Faux Farm
Ron and Tammy Bosley
Jay, Brenda, Amalia, Dylan and Judy Howard
Tim, Kirsten, and David Ross
Eric Barnikel
Jeremy Foster
Bill Miller / Betsy Miller
Matt & Mindy Hutchison
K & Michael Riley
Catherine Faux
The Estes Family – Paul, Renee, Emily, Caleb, Ericka, Ethan

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