November Update Blog

Hi Choir pals,
It’s Dan Michaels checking in regarding our upcoming album, Bloodshot. Derri Daugherty has been in Los Angeles all Fall keeping watch over his father and finishing his solo album (The Color of Dreams) as well as working on The Choir. Hindalong has flown out to L.A. several times over the last few months to help Derri along with TCoD and write with Derri for The Choir. I got to play sax on two of Derri songs. Matt Slocum arranged and put together some beautiful strings on a handful of songs. There’s a few other surprise guests as well. This release is through Lo-Fidelity Records and I’m sure they’ll announce a release date soon.

For Bloodshot, there’s about 10 songs recorded with bass (Tim Chandler) and drums with a guide acoustic guitar. Derri finished vocals on 7 so far. I think we are going to need through the end of this year and January to finish things up. Then we’ll need some time to do artwork and CD manufacturing. We still need to write a few more songs, then add Derri’s electrics, my sax and lyricon and anything else needed to make it sound its best. Other than that, we are keeping busy with all the usual things that occupy us. Work, travel, family and friends (and pets). We remain eternally grateful that you, our tribe, continue to support us with deeds, your kind words, prayers and funding. We hope to make it all worth your while with our music. -dan

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