Imagine One Perfect Circle / The Choir / Circle Slide on Vinyl

Imagine One Perfect Circle / The Choir / Circle Slide on Vinyl

Join The Choir to release Circle Slide (remastered) on vinyl & our 1st ever live DVD. Other rewards include CS double CD & T-shirt.

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“There’s something wonderful about love”

You thrilled us with the remarkable reception to our Circle Slide 25 Year Anniversary tour and remastered CS double CD release.We heard many requests about releasing Circle Slide on vinyl online and on tour this past year. In fact, other than a new Choir album, CS on vinyl is probably the item we get asked about most.

We’re ready? to move forward with this and we need your help. While there are some other cool pieces in the rewards, these are the main things we need to work on together:

1. Circle Slide on vinyl (the 2015 re-mastered version).
2. DVD/CD combo of our live performance in Nashville of Live and On The Wing in Music City.
3. T-Shirt. A limited edition classic Circle Slide T-Shirt.

Here’s where the budget will spent:

1. Vinyl and DVD/CD packaging design.
2. Vinyl and DVD/CD manufacturing
3. DVD editing and authoring
4. T-Shirt design and printing
5. (Live and On The Wing) editing for CD
6. Licensing fees for Circle Slide album plus many of the songs from the live performance of Live and On The Wings…
7. Vinyl mastering

Believe it or not, that all comes to about 12.5k to make about 500 of each item.

If we go above and beyond, some of the funds will go towards our time and effort putting all of this together. Other funds will help us prepare us for more touring in 2016.

Stretch goals? Not this time. But…let’s just say that if this campaign does very well, it will mean that we can invest in The Choir’s future touring efforts to get to new markets, offer higher production value and be more cost effective for concert promoters. We come to you once again and ask that you “join The Choir” and continue the special bond we have with so many of you.

**Note – consider buying one of these packages as a Christmas gift. If you do, we will be happy to send you a professionally printed over-sized postcard with cover image and a note from us wishing a Merry Christmas to the recipient. While the items won’t come until next year, you have something of substance to wrap in a box or stuff in a stocking to show them what you have coming for them. Just include that info in your notes in your order or email Lisa Michaels at

“A tear away from reconciled, a prayer away from whole, Restore my soul”

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Circle-Slide-Album-Cover1Choir T-Shirt Mockupchoir_04choir_08cs_wall_artLive On The Wing

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