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Guest DJ for the updated All Bright Things Have Shadow Sides Spotify playlist is a long time friend of The Choir. Mark Nicholas works in the music publishing world dealing with artists, songwriters, songs much more. In fact, his company Simpleville does administration for Steve’s music. Mark also works along side Dan M. at Fair Trade Services, but on the pub side. The 1st seven tracks make up his selections. In fact, he took the time to write a thought on each song. Find some time to listen or have it playing in the background – you’ll be glad you did. Open here:

Rue Royale – Halfway Blind
Moving forward yet stuck in the middle.The journey is the destination.Drew Holcomb – A Place To Lay My Head
Regret, remorse, disappointment, and the need of rest.

Amos Lee – Stay With Me
Words, melody and ache intermingled in the most perfect way.
Losing people is the very hardest thing.

Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness
The unexamined life is not worth living. But if you squint at it, you?ll always find that glimmer of light.

Josh Garrels – Beyond The Blue
This song gets me to a better vantage point.

Kendrick Lamar – Alright
A news-reel, modern day Psalm. Mindfulness is a holy act.

Ben Rector – Follow You
Gospel infectiousness like the best of Bruce Hornsby or Lyle Lovett.
An invitation to not carry more than is required.


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