Derri Daugherty goes solo!

When you start a record you have ideas floating around in your head about what it might sound like. I?m a dreamer. I tend to think in terms of color, space and sound. Lyrical adventures that transport people to another place and time. Whenever Steve Hindalong and I would start a Choir record we would talk about what kind of record we wanted to make. I would go on about this kind of sound, that kind of vibe, and at some point Steve would always look at me and say,? ?Shouldn?t we write the songs first?? Of course he was right. When I talked to Steve about this record his response was ?This needs to be your voice. Your stories.? So I?m going to bring in my great songwriter friends and share my stories with you. I can?t really say what kind of record it will be in the end but I?m going to share my heart with you. I can tell you it will have a lot of moody guitars! And I can tell you that I?ll give you my best. I?m looking forward to all of you hearing it and sharing this journey with me. ~ Derri



Derri Daugherty is recording the first full length solo record of his career ~ let’s make this dream a reality…

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