Bloodshot on VINYL Campaign

2018 certainly was an eventful year for The Choir. We celebrated the return of Derri Daugherty moving from his extended stay in California back to Nashville to be close to his kids and the band once again. We released four projects – The Choir’s album Bloodshot, Kissers and Killers (25 Year Anniversary Remaster), Kissers and Killers (The Acoustic Sessions) and Derri’s solo album The Color of Dreams. We also experienced the tragic loss of our longtime friend, brother and bass player, Tim Chandler. It’s been a period of growth, new creative experiences, joy and deep sorrow.
It is 2019 and we carry on…as always with your involvement. You’ve kept us moving and shaking for decades and fed our souls. It was with your support that we created Bloodshot in which we are very proud. Many folks have reached out to us expressing that they’d like to see Bloodshot set to VINYL. We’d like that too. We hope experiencing Bloodshot on VINYL will be a marvelous moving experience. We also feel it is a fitting gesture in honoring Tim Chandler as it was the last project he played on.?
Creatively we will master the audio specifically for VINYL and package it in a specially designed gate-fold jacket with added lyric sheet insert.?
But this campaign isn’t just about issuing an album on the vinyl format. It’s our way of working together with you to continue to stay in the game. The goal budget will cover the cost of production, manufacturing and paying fees for mastering, design etc. Anything beyond this goal really help to keep us going personally and professionally as well as help us do more marketing and promotions to find old fans that might not know we’re still going ?strong as well as win the hearts of new fans.
As always – thank you for listening and stay tuned for what’s next!?
The Choir
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