Spotify Celebrity Playlists

A while back, The Choir started a Spotify playlist called All Bright Things Have Shadow Sides. The idea behind the playlist is to select about 40 songs and rotate about 5 in/out weekly and stay w/in the musical theme of “A vibe-y gathering of songs and artists both on and off the radar.”

For the first time, we have a guest celebrity contributing to the playlist. Ojo Taylor picks the first 10 songs this week. Here’s what Ojo writes about his selection:

“I chose the pieces in this playlist because every one of them has held a reflective, contemplative, meditative place in my life in any number of ways over the years – from flying home to see my kids, to putting myself to sleep in my trouble, in particularly hard or transitional times. In most cases they are only parts of larger works which I suggest exploring further. May they lead to similar doorways for you.”
– Ojo

Follow the All Bright Things Have Shadow Sides Spotify playlist HERE

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