A Kickstarter Stretch Goal / A Free Associate Producer Opportunity

Well, hot dog! Our Kickstarter for Imagine One Perfect Circle / The Choir / Circle Slide on Vinyl has been fully funded. We thank thee very, very much. We never feel entitled to your support, so it is with a genuine heart that we offer our gratitude. If you haven’t check it out yet, please pop on over to www.tinyurl.com/circleslidevinyl


What?s next? We need your help to find more friends and listeners of The Choir to push our Circle Slide on vinyl/Live DVD Kickstarter to a much bigger level.

If you?ve pledged already, we?re not asking you for more dollars. However, we need your help to find more folks willing to join this campaign.

Right now we have just over 200 pals who have pledged already. Is there 250 more folks out there who haven?t found out about this yet and would like to join?

We think so!

Let?s not make this stretch goal about money.

Let?s make this about individuals.

Let?s find 450 total individuals to support this Kickstarter.

Let?s engage a stretch goal and offer some cool prizes to boot.

How about a contest for a chance to win a free $550.00 valued Associate Producer reward along with autographed copies of some of our vintage vinyl releases? The Associate Producer reward gets you an ?Associate Producer? credit on the vinyl packaging. Plus 2 CS vinyls, 2 live DVDs, 2 CS T-Shirts, 2 cover art 12×12 posters, Circle Slide anniversary edition double CD and 1 Giclee limited edition print from Circle Slide.

** Captain obvious here?haha… we need you to pledge if you haven?t yet. In fact, your participation to our Kickstarter will get us closer to the 450 pledge goal. If you have pledged already and win, you will be upgraded to the $550 level AP reward and reimbursed for the amount of your original pledge.

Plus, we will spend more $$ to get a special colored vinyl for the Circle Slide release. Doesn?t the one on the right look like it?s from the cloud images on the Circle Slide cover?colorvinyl

And last ? Steve, Derri and Dan will autograph any of the Circle Slide vinyl, poster and art prints upon your request on your pledged reward level of $40 or higher.

Finding 250 new folks so that we can total 450 pledges is our ask. This is how you enter for a chance to win and lock in our stretch goal offers.

Simply post a link to our Kickstarter and offer some kind words of encouragement on your Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest. All if you have ?em or just on the ones you do have. In addition, please consider sending an email to friends & family to let them know about it.

Here is the link to post: www.tinyurl.com/circleslidevinyl

Type or copy and paste it into your post/tweet/email with your encouragement to ?join The Choir? and learn about Imagine One Perfect Circle / The Choir / Circle Slide on Vinyl. Word it however you like.

Once you have done that, simply send an email to thechoir@thechoir.net and let us know you?ve spread the word and you will be entered for the prize. Once we?ve hit 450 pledges, we will do a random drawing for this prize and announce the winner.

Oh, and to increase your chances to win something, we will include 5 Circle Slide T-shirts to 5 second prize winners.

You thrill us ? you kill us. But you never threaten our dreams, girl.

Thank you for your years of listening, support and encouragement.

You keep us feeling young.


The Choir

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