15 free Choir songs YOU can give away

It is gratifying to know that there is so much support for The Choir to continue our journey. We are glad that you are part of it.

Would you consider telling your friends, family and co-workers about The Choir? We?ve put together a free down-loadable 15-song compilation from our indie releases.? We don?t expect people who don?t know our history to blindly support us, but we would like to earn their interest. Below is a list of songs included in the download link.
This link http://thechoir.net/thechoir15songs.zip is a zipped compressed folder that that is easy to download.

Thank you again for being our voice in this adventure! We hope this is as fun for you as it is for us.
Love, The Choir

  • After All (The Loudest Sound Ever Heard)
  • Amazing (Kissers & Killers)
  • Beautiful Scandalous Night (Flap Your Wings)
  • Between Bare Trees (Burning Like The Midnight Sun)
  • Gripped (K&K) Invisible (BLtMS)
  • Laughter Of Heaven (TLSEH)
  • Mercy Lives Here (FYW)
  • Mercy Will Prevail (O How The Mighty Have Fallen)
  • Midnight Sun (BLtMS)
  • Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride (OHTMHF)
  • That Melancholy Ghost (BLtMS)
  • The Forest (TLSEH)
  • To Rescue Me (OHTMHF)
  • Yellow Skies (K&K)

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